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Englisch Klasse 6 bei Frau Wiser

01.04.2020 | Übersicht

Lernziel: Übung Present Perfect mit einem Bericht über einen Frühlingsspaziergang
Die Aufgabe war es, einen Bericht über einen Frühlingsspaziergang zu schreiben und hierbei das present perfect zu üben. Die Kinder bekamen zunächst Bilder und Vokabeln von Forsythien, Magnolien, Osterglocken, Apfel- und Kirschbäumen und sollten dann während der Englischstunde 20 Minuten spazieren gehen und zählen, wie viele von diesen Pflanzen sie sehen würden. Ebenso sollten sie sich andere Frühlingsboten notieren und ob sie Menschen beobachten konnten, die sich irgendwie auffallend verhalten haben. Hier sind die Antworten der Schülerinnen und Schüler, die ich dann nach deren Spaziergang per Email erhalten habe:

Hello Miss Wiser,

I hope you are well.


My morning walk was really good.

I have seen many plants. 

I have seen 15 beautiful forsythias and four magnolia trees.

I haven't seen any blossoming apple or cherry trees.On my way I have seen only blossoming Mirabelle trees.

On my way are so many daffodils.

I have asked some people how do they feel in the corona time and so many said that they are afraid. I have spoken with a man who has fear to lose his job. But I think we have to think positive so I hope that nobody lost his job.

On my morning walk I have seen many colored Easter eggs.


Have a sunny day 

Best regards Paulina, 6e 




Good morning Mrs.Wiser

Sorry for my late response, I hope you forgive me.

The walk was amazing! The spring is so beautiful  I have seen  forsythias(36), magnolia trees(15), blossoming Apple/cherry trees (15) and of course the wonderful daffodils (46). I have seen so much other flowers in different colors! I have seen a man on a bike but I haven’t seen other people on the street
 I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Your student Jona, 6e




 My spring morning walk


My spring morning walk has been very beautiful and interesting. I have seen a lot of different plants. The plant I have seen the most was the Daffodils. I have also seen three Forsythias and one Magnolia. They are so beautiful!

I have also seen a lot of other plants. The crocus flower was one of them. I have seen a lot of them. There were also some Tulips, Rhododendron, Ranunculus and Ornamental Cherry

Something was very strange. I  have only seen two people at the bus station . Otherwise there have been no people and when they keep out of my way.

It was a very nice walk in the spring sun with a lot of plants!


Warm regards Nora





Dear Ms Wiser

My spring morning walk was well, I also saw some new birds. Anyway, the plants I have seen the most would be (around 16) blossoming trees with (five) forsythias and (five) daffodils on second place with only a single magnolia tree near my old kindergarten, I am not entirely sure on the blossoming trees since some of them looked like they have already blossomed. Other things that have indicated to me that it is spring is the sun shining beautifully and the flowers beginning to blossom. On my walk I have seen some kids with their parents walking their dog near the kindergarten aswell. But I saw some weird man picking petals from flowers and putting them in a pot on my way back. it might have been for medicine or something religous. But it still looks weird. There were also some new birds I have not identified yet, they are most likely coming back from the south because tempatures are going up again. Well that was all I hope.


Best regards, Atakan 6e




Hello Mrs.Doktor Wiser ,

The walk was very exciting .The weather outside is great, unfortunately

there are no people outside…A lot of insects are already flying around.

That is a shame, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this …

I hope that the virus goes away and that we can then enjoy the nice weather….


I hope you still enjoy the weather….

bye, Penelope